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Max on the Street: Straight No Chaser episode

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UPDATED: 21 January 2014 | 3:43 pm   ::  

We give away all sorts of fun prizes, but our favorite giveaway has to be surprising the citizens of Cedar Rapids on the street. Don't worry, it's all in good fun. And our winners get tickets to great local shows and performances. How cool is that?

  To celebrate the upcoming Thursday night performance by, "Straight No Chaser" at the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids - we decided to see if you knew the lyrics to the popular carol, "The 12 Days of Christmas." And while the tune came easy to most..... the actual items..... eh, not so much. Check out the video above to see what happens when Max hits the streets.   Related: Max on the Street: Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson episode PS: In case you were wondering, here's "Straight No Chaser's" version of the "12 Days of Christmas"