,” a visually stunning adventure documentary that will ignite the dreamer in everyone, will be coming to Cedar Rapids at the Collins Road Theatres in Marion on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. The event is a benefit for the Linn Area Mountain Bike Association. “Reveal The Path” is the followup film from the creators of the wildly popular and award-winning film “Ride The Divide.” The film is an inspirational story of adventure, taking viewers on a 36-day vagabond bike trip to some of the world’s most visually stunning destinations. Filmed on four continents, “Reveal The Path” features world-class mountain bikers, including Tour Divide founder Matthew Lee, star of “Ride The Divide,” and Kurt Refsnider, 2011 Tour Divide winner. Sponsored by Salsa Cycles, the full-length feature film explores Europe’s snow-capped mountains, Scotland’s lush valleys, Alaska’s rugged coastal beaches, Nepal’s elevated wonders and Morocco’s high desert landscapes. Along the way the riders connect with locals who are living modest yet seemingly fulfilling lives, leading the filmmakers to question what it means to live an inspired life – however humble or extravagant. “This adventure will leave you with an eager desire to chart your own course to faraway lands,” said director Mike Dion, who also co-stars in “Reveal The Path,” as he did in “Ride The Divide.” “Or, simply, you may just want to discover with eyes wide open what is around the next bend.” Advance tickets to the screening are $10 and are available at www.imathlete.com/events/revealthepath. The Collins Road Theatres are located at 1462 Twixt Town Road in Marion. Tickets the day of the show will be $15 at the door. The Linn Area Mountain Bike Association is dedicated to creating and maintaining sustainable natural surface single-track mountain bike trails in the Linn Coutny area. For more info, go to www.lambaonline.org. To view the trailer of the film or for more information, go to www.revealthepath.com. http://hooplanow.com/files/2013/02/RTP-Alaska-Mike-Hunter.jpg