Third Eye Blind recorded their last CD six years ago in 2009. There's no denying, though, that the San Francisco band is still best known for the string of hits --  “Semi-Charmed Life,”  “How’s it Gonna Be” and “Jumper”  among them -- that rocketed them to fame in the 90s and early 200s. Those are the songs fans literally lined up Friday night to hear. The concert -- part of University of Iowa's homecoming celebration -- was supposed to be outside on the Pentacrest. At the prediction of inclement weather, though, SCOPE made the decision to move it indoors to the Iowa Memorial Union. As it turned out, the fans in lines outside weren't the only ones who spent the evening waiting. Those who made it inside had to be patient too. Instead of playing the tunes the crowd knew well, Third Eye Blind -- frontman and guitarist Stephen Jenkins, Brad Hargreves on drums, Kryz Reid playing the lead guitar, Alex Kopp on the keyboard and synthesizer, along with Alex LeCavalier on bass guitar and backing vocals -- opened with unknowns, likely new material from the band's upcoming album and tour, which Jenkins has said will be  there last. “You guys have given us the courage to play a new songs,” said Jenkins. The audience, though, wasn't feeling it. The chants of “Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind” faded and song after song, fans of all ages were visibly disappointed at the set list. Songs such as, “Motorcycle Drive By” and “Graduate”were received enthusiastically, but the energy quickly diminished when each  song was followed by one unrecognizable to the audience. Jenkins wasn't fazed.  He kept up the animated, high voltage stage presence as he twirled the detached mic stand too and fro. Showing the close-knit friendship between the longtime Third Eye Band members, Jenkins moved swiftly to each member of the band, as he shared a mic and sand in tune with each. The audience was re-payed for its patience midway through the show when the band played “Never Let You Go." As if to say "Thank You" they sang along almost word for word. Te crowd’s energy at its peak, Jenkins said: “Now when we sing this song, I imagine it as all of us gathering around a campfire singing this tune.” And with that the beginning chords of “How’s It Going To Be” began and as if around an actual campfire, the audience sang along swaying  back and forth, clearly taking a collective walk down memory lane. The band delivered another fan favorite with "Jumper." They ended with a song from their very first 1997 album, "Narcolepsy." But the audience was not ready to say good night. They cheered, slow clapped and did everything they could to bring the band back to the stage. And when they did, they played three more songs, including, one the audience has literally waited all night to hear -- “Semi-Charmed Life.” The audience went crazy as the tune began, jumping, head banging, smiling with satisfaction. Third Eye Blind is, apparently, worth waiting for.