Dead Larry may not have made it to space but this band of funky friends definitely is going places. The Iowa City natives, fresh off a relocation to Minneapolis, released their fourth CD, “Never Made it to Space,” on March 1 and embarked on a nine-state tour that brings them back home Friday. “This is our biggest and longest tour that we’ve ever been on and it’s very exciting,” says Joe Scarpellino, bass and vocals. “We’re very happy to be at a point where we can do this.” Dead Larry formed in 2004 when its members were in high school in Iowa City. Except for a switch early on at guitar, the lineup has remained the same for eight years: Scarpellino; Mark McGuiness on lead vocals, keyboards and guitar; Ned Barclay on lead guitar; and Josh “Shua” Felling on drums. The group took its high energy show on the road in 2007. With a unique mix of rock, dance and funk — and a good dose of psychedelia — the band established a loyal following on the summer music festival scene. The “Family of Funky Friends” — as the band calls its followers — has supported Dead Larry through its many adventures, including the band’s October 2011 relocation to Minneapolis. “We just really found our niche in the music scene up there,” Scarpellino says. The details:
  • Dead Larry with Useful Jenkins
  • 9 p.m. Friday
  • Yacht Club, Iowa City
  • Tickets: $7
The group’s collection of five infectious tunes was recorded during December and January at The Terrarium, a Minneapolis recording studio with a client list that includes Prince, Beck and Pink. Scarpellino says the songs were designed to be played on the radio. The band has released an official music video for “The Fall,” the fourth track on the new EP. The band’s Iowa City roots are proudly on display. Scarpellino sports an Iowa City T-shirt in the video, and the bunkerlike room that serves as the set is papered with concert posters from the Yacht Club and other Iowa City venues. Its next CD is due out sometime in 2014.