Local guitarist/vocalist Josh Misener was looking to do something different from the pop/R&B music he was playing for the last four years. He knew Shane Lunsford’s iconic rock cover band, Black the Sun, was ending, and knew that they could probably come up with an exciting project because of their history of playing original music together in All But Screaming. Then they connected with Travis Perry, respected drummer, originally from the regional band Money Shot, who was just finishing up a yearlong run, drumming for Jake McVey. And the result is STRAYS. This week Hoopla was able to sit down with bassist/vocalist Shane, and get a few answers to some questions. Is STRAYS playing the music of your musical heroes? This is our “guilty pleasure” band. We wanted to play music from the artists that inspire us, even if they aren’t well known or popular with No. 1 singles every year. Silverchair, Muse, Incubus, Shiny Toy Guns, Frank Ocean … to name a few. We’ve also had a bunch of fans asking for some All But Screaming, so why not incorporate some of our favorite ABS tunes into the mix? Is playing music for the pleasure of the musician, or is it for the crowd? For years, I thought it was for the crowd, but if you can strategize your “sound,” then you can play awesome music that both the musicians and the crowd can identify with. That’s what it’s all about. What goals does this band have? We plan on performing about two shows a month. Our goal is to have a ton of fun. We’ve each toured, made money, played for thousands. Now we’re excited to just have a blast, and add a fresh sound to the Cedar Rapids area. We want to play music for the reasons we did when we were young — not for the paycheck, although that helps, but to play live shows, meet great people and expand the STRAYS family! Sounds like there will be a lot of energy that the audience will see on stage. Yeah, the emotion in the music mixed with each member’s natural energy should create a crazy combustion. We are also a bunch of goofs — I’m sure that most of the time we will make ourselves laugh more than anyone — but at least someone’s laughing!  The details
  • WHO: Shane Lunsford, bass/vocals; Josh Misener, guitar/vocals; Travis Perry, drums/vocals WHEN:
  • Jan. 31 at Chrome Horse
  • Feb. 22 and March 17 at Cocktails
  • March 15 at Tailgators