Just in time for Cupid, the video-rental kiosk company Redbox, has announced 2012’s most and least romantic U.S. cities based on the number of romantic comedies rented in 2011. La Crosse, Wisconsin advanced from last year’s second-place finish to earn the title of America’s most romantic city. Conversely, Laredo, Texas is the least romantic city for the second year in a row. Ames and Cedar Rapids come in at no. three and four, respectively. Below are the top ten cities in each category:

10 Most Romantic Cities

1. La Crosse, Wis. 2. Green Bay, Wis. 3. Ames, Iowa 4. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5. Sioux Falls, S.D. 6. Wausau, Wis. 7. Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Mich. 8. Fargo, N.D. 9. Madison, Wis. 10. Mankato, Minn.

10 Least Romantic Cities

1. Laredo, Texas 2. Midland, Texas 3. Greenwood, Miss. 4. Victoria, Texas 5. Eureka, Calif. 6. Odessa, Texas 7. Las Vegas, Nev. 8. Florence, S.C. 9. Meridian, Miss. 10. Tucson, Ariz.