It’s the revenge of the high school audio/visual club at CSPS Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Using laptops as musical instruments, South Korea’s Tacit Group is revolutionizing live performance one megabyte at a time. The six-man group uses real-time projection mapping and computer graphics to create compelling soundscapes and stunning visuals. They represent a new breed of composer with a deep sense of play and a virtuosic command of algorithms. Tacit’s CSPS engagement is part of the group’s first U.S. tour, with additional stops at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. In one piece called Game Over, members create music through live interaction with a Tetris computer game. In another, they reinvigorate the Korean written language, Hangul, combining live improvisation with the shapes and sounds of the language. As letters are typed, they are projected on a large screen and paired with corresponding electronic sounds. From simple consonants, words and sentences are built into a digital linguistic orchestration. Tacit Group’s approach to music has proved a wild success in Korea, where Tacit has performed at major art venues, including Nam June Paik Art Center, Art Center Nabi and PAMS Choice. In 2011 it came to the attention of international presenters at Denmark’s Aarhus Festival. Tacit Group’s concerts are part of a week-long residency at CSPS that includes presentations to area Korean students and experimental and electronic musicians. Legion Arts is a Partner in the National Performance Network. This presentation is made possible in part by support from the NPN Performance Residency Program. Major contributors include the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation; the Ford Foundation; the National Endowment for the Arts; the MetLife Foundation; and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.