Very few baking recipes call for 2,000 pounds of sugar, but for Kathy McCauley and Terri Weyland-Henecke, that is just business as usual. During the week of Thanksgiving, the sisters — who are co-owners of Kathy’s Pies — and their crew churn through a ton of sugar, 500 pounds of both liquid eggs and flour, and hundreds of pounds of various fruits and chocolates in the process of baking more than 6,000 pies. “This does make our year,” said Weyland-Henecke. “We do not make a lot of money during the year, we kind of break even. This is our month to make all of our money.” The bakery on 5th Avenue is running full-steam in order to satisfy Cedar Rapid’s holiday sweet tooth. Many employees will put in 16-hour days during the week of Thanksgiving, but while the hours are long, every worker diligently measures, rolls, fills and bakes each and every pie. “We just have a great group here,” McCauley said. “Everybody knows we have a big job to do and knows the quicker we get things turned over, the quicker we get done.” Read the full story on