CEDAR RAPIDS - The first weekend of June brings the first Downtown Farmers Market of the season. From fresh produce, treats, and crafts thousands traveled downtown to enjoy the market. “It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. We got here and I thought I should’ve worn tennis shoes,” said Kristena Rohlena from Cedar Rapids. It didn’t take long for the market to fill up with vendors and people. The next one is Saturday, June 16. “There’s always summer road construction and it frustrates us all so biking this summer is definitely the way to go,” Michelle Barker of the Linn Area Mountain Bike Association said. New trails across Eastern Iowa helped bikers ride in from multiple directions. “It’s certainly a large number today and it’s certainly a good way to get around town and we’ve got more trails all the time,” John Wawer, president of the Linn County Trails Association said. Shopping, eating, chatting describe what thousands did Saturday morning. “Once they brought something outside people are going to stop by and grab it,” said Todd Dunn of Cedar Rapids. Not just people but their canine companions along with a few jugglers took to downtown to enjoy the festivities. It’s the traditional vendors like Ineichen’s Tomatoes that draw long lines. “This is a great market this is awesome it’s probably one of the best markets we have,” said Bob Ineichen owner of Ineichen’s Tomatoes. The market centers on the classic hand-off of fresh produce from farmer to consumer. The market even features new vendors this year. Zins brought some adult fun to the market. “We had a gyro earlier and I thought, hey, let’s go have a bloody Mary,” said Rohlena. Whether it was bloody Marys, fresh produce, live entertainment or everything in between, organizers hope this year’s market breaks last year’s record setting season. - Nadia Crow, KCRG-TV9

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