Fresh off its own 10th anniversary party, The Yacht Club in Iowa City will host another 10 year celebration Friday with the 10th annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash featuring the Midwest’s own reggae veterans, Natty Nation. The details The Midwest may not typically be associated with reggae music, but the Madison, Wis.,-based Natty Nation says its music is a product of the open and accepting culture of towns such as Iowa City and its hometown. “It seems natural to me that our music resonates with the people from Iowa,” says keyboardist and vocalist Aaron Konkol. “We play reggae but our brand of reggae is decidedly American.” Typically Natty Nation plays only original tunes. It’ll make an exception Friday for Marley’s birthday. “We gotta pay tribute to the king of reggae,” Konkol says. “We’re trying to bring people together with our music.” It’s a style of must that resonates as much today as it did when Marley was singing, says JAH Boogie, bassist and lead vocalist. “ “To us there is always a place for this type of music,” Boogie says. “We always translate our music on a higher vibration up close and personal. Bring your dancing shoes.”