Beer lovers and fine food friends will have reason to give thanks a week early at  a Pre-Thanksgiving beer dinner with Founders Brewery on Nov. 14 at Brewed Cafe, 1101 Third St. SE . Arrive at 6 p.m. to take advantage of happy hour deals on beer and wine. Dinner starts at 7 and ends at 9 p.m. Tickets are available at Brewed Awakenings, 1271 First Ave. SE and Brewed Cafe.  Tickets are $65. Space is limited to 45 seats.  
Get a load of the menu: Cashew brittle 'cracker' with herbed pork tenderloin and spiced pear. Paired with Dirty Bastard. Caraway braised bison with Troy Town potato quenelle and braised mire poix. Paired with Reds Rye IPA. Thai chilli, lemongrass Prince Edward Island mussels with a coconut aioli toast point. Paired with Centennial IPA. Mushroom dusted lamb chop with a morel vinaigrette and danelion greens. Paired with Breakfast Stout. Internezzo: Huckleberry spritzer Roast quail with lime kimchee and molasses cornbread. Paired with Harvest Ale Duck liver country pate, beer mustard crackers and gherkin chutney. Paired with Old Curmudgeon. Cranberry challah french toast, hazelnut mousse, spiced hazelnuts, and cranberry glaze. Paired with Frangelic Mountain Brown.