This weekend, Cedar Ridge celebrates their three year anniversary of the grand opening of the location in Swisher, Iowa.

Jeff Quint, Proprietor, Winemaker and Master Distiller notes, "When we built Cedar Ridge, we went all in and crossed our fingers that the local communities would embrace us.  They have, and we're very grateful." Cedar Ridge rests on a hill surrounded by ten acres of cold weather hybrid grape varieties, and includes a tasting room, distillery and new event center.  The event center- built in May- houses Sunday brunch, murder mysteries, live music and wedding receptions along with many other events all year round. Cedar Ridge produces 26 wines. Jeff has this to say about the wines and spirits: "One stigma we are slowly overcoming is that good wines can't be made in the Midwest. Cedar Ridge produced Iowa's first 90-point wine with our 2009 Marechal Foch. Our visitors are really embracing these local treats.  A decade ago, virtually all of the wine consumed in Iowa was imported from other states and other countries. Now, nearly 10% of our wine consumption is locally produced. This has already had a huge positive impact on Iowa's economy. “ “Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey has become our flagship on the spirits front. Iowans consume $300 million of imported distilled spirits annually. We're the biggest corn-producing state in the country and most distilled spirits are made from corn, yet we import all of it from other states and other countries. That's why Cedar Ridge became the first legal distillery in the state back in 2005." The new batch of Reserve Red, a rich blend of Cabernet, Merlot and St. Croix, was released on Friday, November 23 to honor the anniversary.