The Washington Post says Mount Vernon native Dan Bern “expresses his love for humankind through scabrous, literary, skeptical rhymes full of hyper-articulation and the tormented self-knowledge of the really, really smart.” We prefer to say he’s real good. See for yourself Sunday night at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids. Take your mom if she likes her music on the edge. If not, take yourself and sit on the edge of your seat as Bern sings his way through topical rants and rhymes. A cello-playing, baseball-loving progeny of two Old World artists in the American heartland, Bern found the guitar and his way to Los Angeles in the early ’90s, landing in the neo-folk music scene. From his first album in 1997, he’s built a loyal underground following. In 2007, he turned to Hollywood, using his sharp wit to compose more than a dozen songs for “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.” He also wrote the title song for Jonathan Demme’s documentary, “Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains.” A true Renaissance man, Bern is a published author, artist, award-winning sports columnist and tennis pro, who also won an egg-eating contest in 2008, scarfing 17 eggs in 10 minutes. Find more on this event here.