Three good music shows will occur in our area on Wednesday. Here are three videos to preview the acts we highlight. More live music shows can be found here.

April Verch Band

April Verch is a champion Canadian fiddler, stepdancer, and singer bringing together Celtic, jazz, folk and bluegrass influences. “Her style, technique and sheer virtuosity rivals anyone who’s ever held a bow,” writes Vintage Guitar Magazine. “Verch brings a unique mix of old-fashioned and modern sensibilities to make every song special.” Verch performs Wednesday at CSPS in Cedar Rapids. More details here.

Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence is a metal band from Riverside, Ca. They perform Wednesday in Iowa City. Here are more details.

Tea Leaf Green

"It ain’t easy being a gypsy, especially if one sings for their supper. San Francisco’s Tea Leaf Green are newfangled Lost Boys, a traveling gang dedicated to seeking wisdom and experience in places both glorious and seedy. In many ways, this quintet is the essence of rock’s adventurous, playfully outlaw spirit, all of which ultimately fuels songs that resonate with classic vibrations, open-ended possibilities and radio-ready charm." - Tea Leaf Green performs Wednesday at The Mill in Iowa City. More details here.