CEDAR RAPIDS - Patchy Fog isn’t just something you may hear on the weather forecast, it is also a Cedar Rapids-based musical duo. Mark Nicolay (six-string acoustic guitar and vocals) and Tom Miller (12-string acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica and vocals) formed the band in March 2011 after talking about the idea for several years. Nicolay and Miller are both former members of several Iowa bands from past decades such as Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame nominee Shatter, as well as High Society, The Thirteenth Hour, The Avengers, The Jumpers and The Pawns. Nicolay likes describe Patchy Fog’s shows as featuring radio songs of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Miller says it’s more than that. Naming bands like the Beatles and Eddie Floyd, Smokey Robinson and REM, he says, “We choose songs that were great tunes, but most people may have not heard some of these for a long time if ever at all. We don’t want to be like every other band or duo.” The band gets the audience involved as the “Patchy Fog All Volunteer Rhythm Section.” Anyone that wants to join in can grab a mini-tambourine or a shaker and jump right in. “They also get to keep the instrument and take it home with them. All we ask is bring it back with them when they come to the next show and join in again,” Miller says. The band is working toward its goal of playing 100 cover songs. After that it plans on adding several originals to the set list. — Hilary Mahoney