Emily Carlson started her professional design and fashion career with courses at Kirkwood two years ago. There she "learned how to figure draw and sketch my designs more accurately." She also met several fellow designers all of whom will be featured in the upcoming fashion event "Five Seasons of Love." Carlson arranged the event at CSPS in the NewBo district to highlight the local fashion design scene, focusing on women's clothing and accessories, and to raise interest in local culture and creative ventures. The designers, all at various stages in their careers, have similar goals and share a common connection in their passion for fashion. The doors to "Five Seasons of Love" open at 7 p.m. on Saturday (6/9), and the show, which starts at 8 p.m., promises to illustrate this passion through the clothing, hair design and make-up in a living story-telling experience. The DJ, SlimPickens, is set to hit the atmosphere with hip beats and Brewed Awakenings will be providing drinks and treats. When she's not promoting local artists, Carlson draws from the world around her, like a fashion graffiti artist appropriating a dress here and a frock there before stripping it down to its basic cut structure or print design, then she pieces it into a brand new custom piece with whatever 'it' factor her inspiration conjures up, "it's street smart, urban design." Carlson, who confesses she doesn't know how to sew and works with the alterations team at Sew What to bring her designs to life, hopes to open her own boutique within a year, providing a fresh venue and savvy perspective for women's fashion, both locally and globally.

-- Cody Beckman

Get to know the featured designers at the event in these featurettes (also by Cody Beckman, an area videographer): Chelsa Malloy Erica Becker Emily Carlson Lindsey Faber