After spending the last few days in Munich, I’ve decided (without question) that the city definitely lived up to its title as the World’s beer drinking capitol. Brew houses are located on virtually every corner and it seems like beer gardens far outnumber people. With all of the alcohol consumption many tourists partake in, It’s probably fairly easy to miss out on many of the sights that Munich has to offer other than the Brauhaus or various pretzel/schnitzel stands in the market. It’s a little disappointing, but I understand the thought process: cheap beer mixed with cheap snacks makes for a good time. Maybe I’m just a party-pooper, but I’ll admit I didn’t have one drink. I chose to do these things instead (all for less than 20 Euros)! -Purchased a Munich Inner City public transportation pass for 6 E­­uros and traveled to Nymphemburg Palace, the summer home of Bavaria’s past rulers. Entrance to the palace itself was only 4 Euros, and anyone can roam the beautiful gardens for free. -Traveled to the English Gardens to soak up some sun, eat a packed lunch and enjoy a nice walk. -Took myself around the city following the walking-tour map. The entire route took around 3.5 hours on foot but could easily be completed by hopping on and off trams. There are also guided tours offered on foot (some for free/tip-based) or by bus. They can be quite pricey, however. -Church tours. Munich is full of old, beautifully built churches. You can enter most for free, with extras (such as visiting crypts or climbing the bell tower only costing 1-2 Euros. Overall I think Munich is a great stop for anyone who enjoys history, architecture, good food and a lively atmosphere. Minor drawbacks include the cost of meals (at least 10 Euros a plate, almost everywhere except for chain vendors such as Imbiss/Kebap/Pizza/market food) and the huge layout of the city: you basically must use public transportation to get around, and even then you should plan on having sore feet!