There's at least one person who is ready to welcome 15,000 RAGBRAI riders with open arms in 60 days. The Czech Ninja. For the first time in the history of RAGBRAI, a stop-over and pass-through have been planned in the same town. That means, Cedar Rapids is a stop-over town for riders on July 26. They will roll into town after an 80-plus mile journey from Marshalltown. And organizers are seeking volunteers to help in campgrounds (there will be three  -- Ellis Park, Veterans Stadium and Cherry Hill Park), direct traffic, clean up and host riders. Then there's the matter of the Counting Crows concert on the evening of July 26, which will bring area residents to the area surrounding May's Island. But, that's just day 1. The city -- or more specifically one of city's neighborhood's, the Czech Village -- is also a pass-through town on July 27. Instead of riders breaking camp and leaving town bright and early on July 27, organizers want them to stick around town longer before riding the short trip to Anamosa, just 40 miles away. So how do you keep 15,000 riders in town? You feed them. Breakfast on the Bridge will showcase the Czech Village with vendors and neighborhood attractions and restaurants opening early specifically for the riders. Vendors will be accepted through June 1. For more information about all the the plans for Cedar Rapids RAGBRAI stop, go to the Cedar Rapids RAGBRAI website.