New Pioneer Cooperative is hoping to move the downtown Iowa City store about one block southwest to the corner of Gilbert and College streets, where they can build a larger store, with more parking and deli seating both inside and outside. The co-op needs approval from a majority of its 24,000 members before it can bid on a site for relocation of its downtown store. Members must approve the move of the downtown store at 22 S. Van Buren St., and the city must accept the New Pioneer bid before company officials can go forward with design plans for a new store that would also get the co-op out of the flood plain, Angerer said. The potential future New Pioneer Co-op site sits on the northeast corner of Gilbert and College streets and would use the ramp that currently hosts the Iowa City Farmer’s Market for parking. The building likely would rise five to eight stories, and the co-op would be the anchor business on the first floor, Angerer said. Upper levels would be used for office space and non-student housing. The board has been mulling relocation plans for years.