My face is hot, my hands are freezing and my heart is pounding. It’s going to be quite a while before my blood pressure returns to normal. I had a 25-minute chat with Harry Connick Jr. He was on his way to New York City when he called. He promised that if he lost the connection, he’d call back. Sure enough, 18 minutes into our chat, I lost him. About two minutes later he was back on the line to wrap up our interview. We talked about his career arc, his family (wife and three daughters) and his musical influences. And of course, what it means for the New Orleans native to be part of the monumental step in our flood recovery by re-opening the Paramount Theatre with his sold-out show Nov. 3. “My history with flood devastation is something people can relate to there,” he said. “Any chance that I get to be a part of a healing or closure for something like that, I love to do it.” That’s all you’re getting for now. Watch for my full story in Hoopla and on Thursday, Nov. 1. Here’s a little trivia: His full name is Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr. His dad, a district attorney, goes by Harry, too. “People in New Orleans just call me Junior.” OK, the blood has returned to my fingers. Here’s a little video to get your hearts pumping, too. We’ll definitely take all of him. - By Diana Nollen