For most parents, cartoons are something we put up with. Toons are background noise at best, baby sitters at our worst. We tolerate them because our children love them. Occasionally we get lucky and the writers are parents too and throw in a few jokes just for us. Live kids shows can usually be described in all the same ways. Except, in some ways they're worse, because we have to pay through the nose for the pleasure of watching them. And, even better, the overpriced toys kids are begging for aren't just on commercials, they're RIGHT there. Just within reach. It's hard to convince your kids that no, everyone else does not have one of those really awesome things that spins and lights up and cost as much as their first year of college, when they can look around and see that the girl in the row behind you, and in front and everywhere you look is busy playing with theirs. Wait. Does that make me sound cynical? That's because I am. Or I was. The latest show to come through the U.S. Cellular Center -- Disney Live Pirates and Princesses -- has me singing a different tune. The theme songs to two Disney Junior's most popular shows "Sofia the First" and "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" actually. The casts of these shows star in the double feature of sorts that played two times in Cedar Rapids Saturday. The show opens with Doc McStuffins, another Disney Junior character, who has the audience shake their sillies out before the real action begins. Mickey and Minnie Mouse  as the emcees open with an argument over which is better -- princesses or pirates. I'll let you decide who is on which side. Team Minnie is up first with a story about Sofia and the rest of the royalty from Enchancia. The second half features Jake and his crew of pint-sized pirates as well as Peter Pan and Captain Hook. The ticking crocodile also makes a cameo. I know what you really want to know though. Is it worth the money? Is it painful to sit through? The answers are yes and no, in that order. Tickets are reasonable, actually. The cheapest was less than $20. And, unlike other shows I've taken my kids to, it was worth it. It was adorable, fast-paced and catchy. I wasn't bored and neither were my kids. Just ask them. My 5 (practically 6) year old says it was "greater than awesomer than awesomer." It was "All the awesomers that you can say. Her favorite part, was "When Sofia's dress went up in the air and had fireworks and sparkles and bubbles." How is that not awesome, right? She also enjoyed Jake and the Neverland Pirates "when the volcano erupted." My 3.5 year old son patiently sat through the princess part and when the pirates took the stage was bouncing in his seat the entire time. He's a man of few words, but says his favorite part was "Peter Pan." And, if this show is anything like Disney on Ice coming to the arena in February, I'll have to rewrite my routine about kids show's not being worth my time or money, because this one was both.