This series follows Hoopla beer columnist Quinton McClain, through the trials and triumphs of opening a craft brewery  --  Lion Bridge Brewing Company -- in Cedar Rapids' Czech Village:   That experience drove me to brew and study and learn and toil, and has eventually brought me back to Cedar Rapids to open up Lion Bridge Brewing Company. I want to open up a brewery here so I can contribute something that I love to the community that I grew up in and deeply care about. And, I want to contribute to Cedar Rapids because I am excited about where the city is going, and I am inspired by the passionate people that I encounter on a daily basis that are also striving to make this city a better place to live and work and play. I see Cedar Rapids and its Creative Corridor as a thriving market for craft beer. Small breweries are succeeding because people want to know, more and more, where their products come from. I see it in our farmer’s markets and our local restaurants, and the ever-increasing knowledge of the customer. People want more flavor and variety and honesty. They want to have some connection to the guys and gals and businesses that make the products they enjoy. I saw the Historic Main Street District in Cedar Rapids' Czech Village as the place for Lion Bridge Brewing because I see the preservation of our architectural and cultural history as the gateway to our city’s future success. Lion Bridge Brewing Company is a neighborhood brewery and pub located in the Czech Village at 59 16th Avenue SW. The building it is housed in was constructed in 1938 and was originally a grocery store called Fritz’s Food Market.  The employees were touted as being, “able to speak English and Bohemian,” and it is my understanding that it was the first Witwer grocery store here in town. If that means nothing to you, do a little research and find out. Cedar Rapids has a fascinating history on every block. The brewery has a great building that will inspire great beer. This building, and the efforts put into its restoration and re-purposing make me proud of our history, and our future, here in Cedar Rapids. I am also proud of the many people who have given time and energy to help me get this project off the ground. I might be the spokesperson and the guy who makes the beer, but Lion Bridge would not exist if it were not for family, friends, and talented tradespeople. We plan to open the pub in February. There will be five beers available out of the gates with more added whenever possible, a few soda options, and a couple guest beers from other breweries that I enjoy. Our kitchen will produce an elite list of beer-centric foods that will change seasonally. My hopes are that in producing something that I am proud of, I am producing something that will also instill pride in the customer.   Cheers, Quinton