The Ultimate Appeal to Humanity: Fides et Ratio and the Fulfillment of All Desire

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  • 4/11/19
  • 7 p.m. -
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On the 20th anniversary of his encyclical Fides et Ratio, we turn to St. John Paul II's conviction that Jesus Christ is not only the answer to who God is, but also to who we are to become. For, in becoming human, God has rendered all human desire and inquiries as channels of encountering the divine. As such, faith and reason, divinity and humanity, now form a harmonic symphony in which the human person can finally find the fullness of what it means to be truly alive, fulfilled, and flourishing.

Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J., D.Phil. (Oxon.) | Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Director of the Catholic Studies Centre, Saint Louis University

This event is a part of the 2019 Spring Lecture Series, Faith/Reason/Science: Friends or Foes?

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