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PrismsScape's Holiday Open House

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  • 12/07/18
  • 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Free
  • All Ages
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Event Description

Celebrate the holidays with us! We are excited to share our healing wisdom and new crystals with you. Come for the sales and stay for the fun, Heyn's Ice Cream and fellowship! 

The Super Sales are:

50% off Hour Glass Selenite, Desert Rose Barite & Selected Copper

35% off Stone Chip Necklaces

20% off Rainbow Hematite & Azurite

15% off Jewelry

10% off Store-wide (Excluding Consignment & Dragonskin Quartz)

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Friday 5:00pm-6:30pm (Free Will Offering) Divine Healing Meditation, Cindy Fox and Xander Bellus: Experience the many benefits of meditation as Cindy guides you through raising The Light while Xander channels Divine energies targeting aspects of the individual’s Higher-Self producing profound healing. Click here to register:

Friday 7pm-8pm (Free) Intro to ThetaHealing®, Jennifer Farrar: ThetaHealing is a technique that trains the mind, body and soul to clear limitations and emotional blocks created by you and your ancestors. After a brief overview, participants receive a free group healing. Click here to register:

Saturday 11am-12pm (Free Will Offering) Seven Dimensions Of Healing, Dr. Nisha Mittal: Discover why we fall sick and how we can heal ourselves. You will understand the power of emotions and how they affect our organs at different levels. Learn how integrating Qigong and Thetahealing help you build internal energy and activate your own innate healing ability. Click here to register:

Saturday 12:30pm – 1:30pm ($20) Putting Your Angels to Work for You!, Jennifer Farrar: Did you know that Angels are just waiting for you to ask them for their help? Did you know that they cannot help you unless you ask? We will change common beliefs that prevent you from working with your Angels and then show the many ways Angels are able to help you. Click here to register:

Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm (Free Will Offering) Reiki & Mindfulness for Children, Margaret Kamm: Does your child have bad dreams? Do they see or feel things that make them fearful? Or, do they have special needs, (autism, ADHD, etc.)? This workshop is a discussion on Reiki and how it is used to assist your child’s well-being and happiness. Click here to register:

Saturday 3:30pm-4:30pm (Free) Living Universe: The Consciousness of Crystals, Paul and Xander Bellus: There is a quality of life and intelligence to all matter. This workshop explores the Truth of the mineral kingdom as “Living Rocks.” Participants experience the awakening of crystal consciousness and learn some “best practices” to guide their relationships with crystals. Click here to register:

Saturday 5pm – 6pm ($10) Discovering Crystal Grids, Kristin Wieland: Introductory talk outlining several uses for crystal grids, how to create them while highlighting specific crystals and layouts. Click here to register:

Sunday 11:30am – 1pm ($15) Balance Chakras with Essential Oils, Dr. Nisha Mittal: In this workshop you will learn about the chakras (energy vortexes) in your body and how to balance them using essential oils. Discover why essential oils work and how to use them for optimum benefit. Click here to register:

Sunday 1:30pm – 2:30pm ($10) Introduction to Vibrational Sound Healing, Tamra Rae: Discover the healing potential of sound and vibration. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore and practice with a variety of bowls, gongs, and bells to find what resonates with you to ignite the healing process. Click here to register:

Sunday 3pm– 4pm ($10) Intro to the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, Jennifer Farrar: Magic begins when you perceive what is possible! The Clearing Statement is a potent tool for change and transformation. Participants learn how to use the Statement to clear lack and limitation in all areas of their life quickly and easily. Click here to register:

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