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Barbara Schlachter Memorial Lecture Series

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  • 3/18/19
  • 6:30 - 8 p.m.
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Mondays, 3/4 - 3/25

6:30 - 8 PM in room 202

Organizer: 100 Grannies

3/4: Weathering the Recycling Storm

Recycling programs across the country are

finding ways to adjust to the turbulence in

recycling markets around the world. In Iowa,

we have already felt some local impacts from

the global recycling crisis. In this presentation,

you will learn why the markets are fluctuating,

how it’s impacting our local recycling

programs, and what you can do to help the

recycling industry recover.

Beth MacKenzie is the Recycling Coordinator for

the University of Iowa and has been serving in this

role for 2.5 years. Prior to moving to Iowa, Beth

earned her Master’s Degree from Southern Illinois

University at Edwardsville and worked in the St.

Louis sustainability sector for 10 years.

3/11: What You Should Know About

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

John will be speaking on the importance of

environmental, social, and economic issues

related to the large-confinement livestock and

poultry operations that are proliferating rural

Iowa, and sustainability with an emphasis on

agriculture and economics.

John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural

Economics, was raised on a small dairy farm in

southwest Missouri and received his BS, MS, and

Ph.D. degrees in agricultural economics from

the University of Missouri. He worked in private

industry for a time and spent thirty years in

various professorial positions at four different state

universities before retiring in early 2000. He is the

author of six published books.

3/18: Our Best Shot!

Peter Rolnick will talk briefly about how we

are profoundly changing our climate, but

will mostly focus on what can be done and

on the one first step that will give us the best

shot at avoiding catastrophe for our children

and grandchildren: a revenue-neutral price

on greenhouse gas emissions. He will also

talk about the importance the nonpartisan

approach of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Science,

economics, politics and human behavior.

Peter Rolnick is a retired college physics teacher and

currently the Iowa State Coordinator for Citizens’

Climate Lobby (CCL). After retirement he decided

to put his energy into the one problem (of many!)

that to him is the most pressing: the risk that our

changing climate will irreversibly and profoundly

alter our world.

3/25: The Iowa Watershed Approach:

We’re All In!

This presentation will focus on the Iowa

Watershed Approach (IWA) Flood Mitigation

Program and its efforts to make communities

more resilient to floods. Key objectives include

demonstrating the use of interactive maps and

tools for flood management, highlighting the

progress towards flood mitigation planning

efforts, and modernizing resources to support

education and communication about flood risk

to communities with a strong emphasis on the

importance of engaging partnerships and local


319-356-5220 23

Kate Giannini joined the Iowa Flood Center team

in 2017 and leads outreach, communication,

and research activities for the Iowa Watershed

Approach at the Iowa Flood Center. Prior to 2017,

Kate worked with landowners, public and private

agencies for nearly ten years for the Johnson

County Planning, Development and Sustainability