Singing Your Song I: The Power of the Poetic Line

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  • 2/23/19
  • 1 - 4 p.m.
  • Free
  • Ages 14+
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  • Literary
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Event Description

In this workshop, taught by Anne G. Myles, PhD, we will look closely at how lines and line breaks work in free verse poetry, including such matters as the rhythms of short and longer lines, the effects of end-stopping and enjambment, of how poetic sentences work. There will be some quiet writing time to experiment or work with exercises, and time for workshopping at the end. Participants may bring in a poem they have written previously for us to look at, or share a published poem in which the handling of line interests them.  Note: we will not directly address meter and rhyme in this session, but it will be discussed in next month’s workshop. This workshop is open to poets of all levels.