Ride or Die, & then Refresh

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  • 3/26/19
  • 6:30 - 8 p.m.
  • $0 – $30
  • Ages 21+
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  • Health/Fitness

Event Description

If there’s one thing we do really well around The House, it’s support other women on their way. If there’s a second thing we do really well around The House, it’s try new things. If there’s a third thing we do really well around The House, we want to say it’s “drink”… but, we aren’t (exclusively) referring to “alcohol” here! 

The Women of The House are taking another field trip & this is your invitation to get in. 

First, we’re getting in a good sweat session with the girl bosses at Burst Studios*. We’re going #BurstMode! That’s right ladies, it’s our time to ride or die!

Then, we’re refreshing ourselves back to life with the kind of stuff that gives us life. (Literally!) We’re sipping on that good stuff with a green juice tasting by Rawlicious. Juice cleanses, celery juice, green juice… “juicing” is hot right now. What’s the skinny? That’s exactly what we intend to find out! 

*Burst Studios is a proud part of The Village it takes to raise The House! Did you know… as a member of The Social Club, you receive 20% OFF ALL PACKAGES! #GirlsSupportingGirls