Rationed: When Food Becomes a Weapon of War

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  • 9/19/19
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In the late 1930s, the British government and civil service began to prepare for what was about to become another World War. Before the outbreak of WWII, Britain imported about 70% of its food, which accounted for about 20 million tons of shipping per year. As an island nation, the British people were vulnerable to severe shortages of food if their shipping lanes were cut. Having learned this lesson during WWI, the UK government began preparing to ration food before the outbreak of war in 1939. On the other side of the “pond” the US was a net exporter of food and did not need rationing to secure the food supply for its citizens when WWII began. Nonetheless, the US also imposed rationing during WWII. This presentation will discuss how food was rationed in the UK and US during and after WWII and the effects food rationing had on the “Homefront”—some of which are still evident today.