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Up All Night: The Art of the Dark

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  • 12/18/19
  • 12 - 4 p.m.
  • $0 – $7
  • All Ages
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  • Museum/Exhibit
  • Educational

Event Description

From Renaissance artists painting images of the Nativity to 18th century artists depicting new scientific discoveries to Post-Impressionist painters such as Van Gogh turning the night sky into a mesmeric swirl of brush strokes, the night has been inspiring artists for hundreds of years. The dark can symbolize many things in art: mystery, solitude, fear, superstition, secrets, or death. The striking juxtaposition of light against the night may represent hope, discovery, magic, the evidence of a divine presence, or other forms of literal “enlightenment.” Historically, night scenes were a chance for artists to show off their mastery of painting light effects. Moonlight, candles, and later, electric lights against the dark added drama to the scene. Up All Night celebrates the night scenes in the CRMA’s collection: Grant Wood’s evocative Quaker Oats, Marvin Cone’s charming Christmas cards, M.C. Escher’s tesselated Day into Night, amongst others. Enjoy the look at one of art history’s oldest ways of infusing drama into art.