The Write Path to Mindset

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  • 11/25/19
  • 6 - 7 p.m.
  • Free
  • All Ages
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  • Educational
  • Health/Fitness

Event Description

Quick writing practices to bring more joy, satisfaction and peace to your life. 

This workshop is open to the public. Due to space constraints, registration is required

Mindset is a powerful tool in supporting stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence, PTSD, anger, ADHD and so much more. 

Here’s the most impactful piece, by managing your own mindset, you positively impact everyone who comes in contact with you as you mirror and model neurons. (But we will get into that in the workshop!)

Writing means being intentional with your thoughts. Rarely can one write something without giving deeper or more attentive thought to it. When writing for mindset becomes a regular practice, you can actually physically change your thought patterns through the neuroplasticity of the brain. How cool is that?

Are you a caregiver looking to improve your stress levels and mindset? Tired of feeling like you don’t have the tools for lasting change? Exhausted and see how it negatively impacts everyone who relies on your support? In need of self-care? This is is the workshop for you.

Participants receive an understanding of mindset and creating lasting and positive change, information about several writing techniques and instruction on how to do them on your own. There will be time to write within the workshop, and a farewell gift bag from the folks at Tanager Place and Leah at the Abundant Parent.