Black History Month Humanize My Hoodie Movie Screening

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  • 2/15/20
  • 3 - 4:30 p.m.
  • $20.0
  • All Ages
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Event Description

The Humanize My Hoodie Family will be showcasing its documentary in Iowa City at Old Brick. This 30 minute documentary captures the journey of two black men trying to survive in a world that doesn’t appreciate their Black skin. This biopic highlights the Jason’s and Andre childhoods, adulthoods, and their Road to New York Fashion Week. The film is inspirational but also educational. Audiences will leave with a better understanding of how racism worked against these two but also highlight how extreme resilience helped them defy the immeasurable odds.  In addition, there will be a Q & A following the screening with Andre' Wright and Jason Sole. 

Each VIP participant will leave this event with an autographed copy  of the Humanize My Hoodie Movement book and documentary.

* If you supported our pre-order screenings are at no cost to you.