Women of Ragtime

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  • 6/17/21
  • 6 p.m. to 7p.m. -
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  • Ages 5+
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Women of Ragtime

Women ragtime composers faced challenges – it wasn’t considered very “ladylike” to write this kind of music, and once they got married, they were expected to give up their career and raise a family. Still, a surprising amount of ragtime was written by young women, and much of it was very successful in its time. We’ll share some music by May Aufderheide, the Indiana composer who is considered the best of the female composers; Charlotte Blake of Detroit, who was known not only for ragtime but also for popular songs; and Irene Giblin, who got her start demonstrating sheet music in a St. Louis department store. Along with that were some famous singers; vaudeville performer Sophie Tucker had an unusual rag written especially for her.

“Cherry & Jerry” is Isaac Cherry on percussion and Jerry Rabushka on piano. Based in St. Louis, the duo is also part of the larger “Ragged Blade Band,” and has toured music of the ragtime era throughout several states.

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