Stories from the Heart: Reimagining Home

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  • 10/28/21
  • 5:30 p.m. -
  • $30.0
  • All Ages
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  • Fundraiser/Benefit

Event Description

What does home mean to you? Gather with us for a special night of storytelling where featured local speakers will share different perspectives on the importance of home, their personal experiences, and what home means to them.

Significant life events prompt almost everyone to rethink and reimagine home. Living in the time of COVID-19 and the derecho, home has taken on a different meaning. For some, home is where one works, learns, or creates. For many, home has been a place of quarantine. And because of a natural disaster, home has even taken on a new shape, or become somewhere else for some. 

From these experiences, how can we remember what is good about home? What makes home for each of us, and how can we find beauty and joy when home has been something so different? How can we think about home when many have lost theirs, or are in danger of being without one?

This fall, our storytellers will try to answer these questions in unique ways, while sharing their gifts to help families in need.

Tickets to the fundraiser benefit Family Promise of Linn County and includes entrance to the event, dinner, craft beer and wine, and can be purchased at