Holistic Healing for Educators & Classrooms: Credit 2 at Prairiewoods

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  • 6/29/22
  • 1 p.m. -
  • $85.0
  • All Ages
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  • Educational

Event Description

Have the stressors of teaching, the pandemic, hybrid-learning and daily life affected your personal happiness and well-being? Have you experienced difficulty finding time to engage in self-care activities that may help? In this in-person 1-hour credit course, we will learn practices of mindfulness, self-compassion and neuroscience to develop a personal classroom toolkit for use with students. Deepening our own mindfulness and self-compassion skills will also be explored. This course is hosted at Prairiewoods (120 East Boyson Road in Hiawatha) and facilitated by Kim Seward, RN, BSN, CMI, and Ann Jackson, PBVM. Dual registration with Grant Wood Area Education Agency is required. The lodger fee is $100 and includes sessions, lodging and all meals. The commuter fee is $50 and includes sessions and daily lunch. There is an additional charge of $35 to Grant Wood AEA. (Thanks to a generous donation by the Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque, all additional costs will be covered.) For more information or to register, contact Prairiewoods at www.Prairiewoods.org or 319-395-6700.