Series: This Ability-Holistic Dance

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  • 5/26/22
  • 5:55 p.m. to 7p.m. -
  • $0 – $64
  • All Ages
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  • Outdoor

Event Description

Jhe and Jenni both live with bilateral disabilities and chronic pain and have decided to entitle this form of movement “This Ability’’ as opposed to the term disability. We want to encourage all peoples, especially those who may be in mental and physical pain, to trust themselves through non-judgmental movement using the vehicle of sacred geometry. 

The five elements, including their geometric shapes, are: 

  • Earth- Cube
  • Water-Icosahedron
  • Air-Octahedron
  • Fire-Tetrahedron
  • Ether-Dodecahedron

This series includes 4 classes:

  • May 26: College Green Park, Iowa City 
  • Jun 25: James Alan McPherson Park, Iowa City
  • Jul 30: Wetherby Park, Iowa City 
  • Aug 27: Central Park, Coralville

We will create a safe space for people of all ages and experiences to be held in community movement and exploration, regardless of their current mental or mobility struggles.


  • Weather appropriate, comfortable dress
  • Any items you'd like to incorporate into dance


Sliding scale fee: $80 - $0, based upon your access to resources.

Save 20% by registering here for all 4 classes in the series.

Backyard Abundance members receive a 10% discount.


We need a minimum of 10 attendees to host the classes. Please invite friends and family to ensure the events happen as scheduled. We would love to meet your loved ones.


Jhe Russell is a holistic dance healer. He received his MFA from University of Iowa in choreography and dance. He is able to weave together and connect traditional ballet positions with the elementary teachings of the 5 elements. Every human being has a head, two arms and two legs which equals the five elements. In ballet there are five major positions which relate to the five elements.

Jenni Rose

From the age of five Jenni had the opportunity to dance with various dance studios and participated on the Solon High School dance team. She went on to study photography in Chicago, at Harrington School of Design and spent her twenties focused on learning about weaving, natural and synthetic dye processes, and shearing sheep. She interned at The Chicago Weaving School for 2 years, and through that process developed her own weaving curriculum that she then taught to the age of preschool to adult, in Chicago and Seattle. In 2018 she suffered an undiagnosed inflammatory episode that caused significant neuropathy and mobility loss. She has learned a lot through her personal healing journey and contributes most of that healing to the gift of a grateful mindset and a good mother. 


College Green Park, James Allen-Mcpherson Park,Wetherby Park in Iowa City and Central Park in Coralville


The event is held outside. Masks are optional. We will try to maintain 6' distancing.


This class was developed in collaboration with many community partners using grant funding from the Johnson County Community Foundation and the Roy A. Hunt Foundation. It would not be possible without these sponsors and supporters. Please frequent these generous organizations to thank them for donations of time, materials and funds.