Tomás and Charlie Lasansky: An Artistic Union

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  • 8/24/22
  • 12 - 4 p.m.
  • Free
  • All Ages
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Event Description

June 4, 2022-September 11, 2022

Tomás Lasansky, son of famed printmaker Mauricio Lasansky, and his wife Charlie have been lifelong artists living and working in Iowa City.  Both specialize in figural art and have created extensive bodies of work depicting family members as well as famous writers, leaders, humanitarians, and artists of this and previous generations. Working in close proximity to each other, they no doubt influence each other in subtle yet significant ways.  This exhibition, the first two-person exhibition of their work, explores the potential relationships that exist between their work.  This exhibition is accompanied by a significant retrospective book, documenting each artist’s growth and development.