Thursday Forum - Songs of Protest and Resistance

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  • 3/15/18
  • 8:45 - 11:30 a.m.
  • $12 – $35
  • All Ages
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Event Description

Music has always been a powerful voice for protest and social change.  It speaks to the heart and soul as well as to the mind, and can say different things, in different ways, than a speech or an article.  It can enable a crowd of thousands to sing with one voice.  It can use metaphor and allusion, hidden meanings, and code words to share critical ideas in a public space.  Music takes its message to the streets, to the concert hall, to meetings, talk shows, front porches and bars, and to anywhere that people have a radio, a guitar or a voice.

Inspired by an idea from an audience member at an earlier Thursday Forum, in this series Pearl M. Taylor Associate Professor of Music Marc Falk and Assistant Professor of Music Steve Shanley will explore the powerful role of music in movements of protest and resistance.  The four weekly sessions cover “This Land is Your Land”: The Roots of U.S. Protest Music; “Strange Fruit”: Jazz as Activism; “If You Miss Me From the Back of the Bus”: Equal Rights for All; and “I Ain’t A-Marching Anymore”: Music Against War.

Songs of Protest and Resistance will feature lecture, dialogue, audio and video recordings, and live performance and song-leading by the presenters.