Men of Tortuga

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  • 8/15/17
  • 6:45 - 10 p.m.
  • $10.0
  • Ages 17+
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Event Description

About this show


Five men.
Three want to assassinate an unnamed foe... maybe.
One knows how to do it...maybe.
One has a plan for reconciliation...maybe.
Uncomfortable humor...definitely!


Why this show


This is one of those shows that actors read and they just want to act it...anywhere. The dialogue is tight and fluid and deceptively funny like Mamet and Tarantino. It was part of the Steppenwolf First Look Repertory of New York, and it comes fully qualified as a Steppenwolf vehicle. 


It's raw, absurd, and could be totally real. NewCity Chicago said, "... It seems entirely plausible that men just like this exist somewhere in reality, sweating in their starched shirts and screwing with people’s lives and fuck you if you can’t deal with it." I'm sure that, as we watch the folly unfold, each of us has our own vision of the "guy who is never named," whose future is, unbeknownst to him, in the hands of those who hate him.  We might identify with the men in this room. Or we might identify with the unnamed man who is hated by those in the room. Either way, Wells weaves together a topical tale of factional anger, corporate-political greed, corruptive power, and the need for a personal legacy together into a disturbingly funny whirlwind of malfeasance.

Ticket Price: $10.00/Participant

Show Date: August 10th - August 12th & August 15th - August 19th

Cocktails: 6:45 pm

Show Time: 7:30 pm

Run Time: Approximately 2 hours

Pre-Registration is preferred. Register online or call (319) 775 - 5367