Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction

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  • 10/13/17
  • 8 - 11:30 p.m.
  • $20 – $35
  • Ages 13+
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Event Description

Shhh… Did you hear that??? Circle of Ash, the haunted attraction that you've known and loved for more than 15 years, rises again at the Linn County Fairgrounds! Delivering three scary haunted house attractions, three incredible rides, an Escape Room, and a Murder Mystery Event, plus onsite vendors and concessions, Circle of Ash is the destination for your haunted Halloween fun!

Included in your ticket price:

  1. Circle of Ash – Back and better than ever in 2017 is the modern twist on the classic style show. Mixing elements of indoor and outdoor style haunted attractions; Circle of Ash delivers the best of both worlds. Meet Molly in the house she lives in, experience all your senses in our sensory area, find your way through the intense industrial theme, and get your medical checkups on your way to the woods in back. Areas of TOTAL DARKNESS await, and a lot of beautiful, scary sets for our monsters to hide. Also don’t forget Claustrophobia and the Vortex Tunnel. Are you brave enough to go first?

  2. Frightmare Forest – The year was 2009. We killed and buried Frightmare Forest as we knew it. It just wasn't willing to die. For many years Frightmare Forest would haunt our dreams. It gasped for air in passing conversations. People would ask, but we didn't want to talk about such a sordid and dark past. Every year that passed seemed to give Frightmare Forest added strength - added will to survive. In June of 2017 Frightmare Forest was ravaged by a tornado and was killed again... but all evil things rise back to the surface! Frightmare Forest is back from the dead, AGAIN!

It doesn't look like the Frightmare Forest it used to be. This time, it's a lot more raw... dirtier and darker. Perhaps a bit more sinister. There are a lot natural dangers hunting us in the forest. Creatures. Creatures that hide in bushes, burrow into trees, and creep along under the cover of night, pierced only by moonlight. And all of that was before *we* got involved.

Can you navigate the dark? Can you make the right choices to find your way through the damp, fall night? Will you let Frightmare Forest consume a little more of your energy and soul?

  1. Pandemonium! - Exactly what you'd expect from a bunch of clowns. Environmental effects like strobe lights and fog make this a very difficult maze to complete, and clowns don't like to help you at all. Don't make a wrong turn; you'll be lost inside forever... with a bunch of clowns!

    Limited Availability – Additional Fees apply:

    Three separate motion-platform events to take you on the ride of your life… or death ($5.00 per ride).
    Journey's End - Experience your own funeral with this comedic single rider attraction. You'll be placed into a coffin and hear and feel what your own funeral may be like when a discount funeral home is used!

    Rigged - You and your friends can experience what lies beneath Crows Creek when you step into our Rigged elevator ride!

    Shafted - A terrible mining accident traps you and your friends during this dark ride! Don't let the things that go bump in the night get the better of you!

    Investigation Experiences:

    Halloween Homicide ($10.00 per team) – A murder has been committed. Become investigators, pick up your packet, and gather the clues from around the grounds at Circle of Ash to solve the crime.


General admission tickets are just $20, and gets you into all of our included attractions for an entire evening!  You can go through as many times as you possibly can in one night.

FAST PASS admissions are $35 and are limited each night.  These passes allow you to skip the main general admission lines.

    Dates and Times:

    Friday, September 29th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)

    Saturday, September 30th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)

  1. Friday, October 6th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  2. Saturday, October 7th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  3. Friday, October 13th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  4. Saturday, October 14th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  5. Friday, October 20th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  6. Saturday, October 21st, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  7. Sunday, October 22nd, 8pm – 10pm (last ticket sold/accepted at 9:30pm)
  8. Thursday, October 26th, 8pm – 10pm (last ticket sold/accepted at 9:30pm)
  9. Friday, October 27th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  10. Saturday, October 28th, 8pm – 12am (last ticket sold/accepted at 11:30pm)
  11. Sunday, October 29th, 8pm – 10pm (last ticket sold/accepted at 9:30pm)

  12. Circle Of Ash is located at the Linn County Fairgrounds at 201 Central City Rd in Central City, just ten minutes north of Marion. Tickets and more information available at

  13. Circle of Ash is an all-volunteer organization, if you would like to volunteer, please fill out an application at