Art Exhibit: Figured

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  • 8/10/18
  • 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Free
  • Ages 12+
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Event Description

Gilded Pear Gallery is pleased to present Figured, a three-person exhibit of works by distinguished Midwest artists -Jim Ochs, Ann Royer, and Priscilla Steele- in a summer show interpreting the human form.

What is most familiar to us is what we see in the mirror. We see our reflection in our interests, pursuits, and those we take company with. Figured is a selection of works by prolific artists attuned to the investigations of our self-image and continue to indulge in the construction of our form. While all three artists draw upon historical inspirations, each stray from realism to dissect the body into lines, blocks of color, and blurring features. In turn, they all similarly believe that the viewer governs the interpretation of the work based on the individual’s experience. Connected by the genuine act of art making, the presented works convey each artist’s developed styles and their persistence in imagining what it is to be human. 

With seasoned studio practices, Ochs, Royer and Steele present artworks from the archives as well as current works in "Figured". The exhibition largely features works on paper and canvas, but also features sculpture works by Royer who pulls inspiration from the caves of Lascaux. When speaking about his work, Ochs states: “I contrast things within the figure, something different opposed to it to make it more poetic and mystical, as opposed to something very classical.” In regards to achieving the elusive sense of ‘wholeness’ in her art, Steele explains, “I get close when what is personal in my own work communicates the beauty and complexity I find in life."

All three artists’ works can be found in prominent public and private collections throughout the country. Ochs received a B.A. in Painting at Colorado State University, an M.F.A in Printmaking and Drawing from the University of Iowa and established Ochs Studio-a teaching and printmaking studio in Iowa City. Steele earned a B.A. at St. Lawrence University, an M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Iowa and is a former art instructor at Coe College. Steele also owned Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion, IA for 26 years and recently moved to Omaha, NE. Royer earned degrees at University of Minnesota-Duluth as well as Colorado College and has a strong local connection where large scale public sculptures can be seen throughout the region.