Eastern Iowa Rocks! An Introduction to Rockhounding in Iowa.

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  • 6/13/18
  • 7 - 8 p.m.
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Ray Anderson from the Cedar Valley Rocks and Minerals Society will be here to give a brief overview of the local Geology and the cool rocks to be found in Iowa.

Ever thought about becoming a rockhound? Collecting rocks, minerals and fossils is easy to do in Iowa. Iowa has an amazing geologic history: between 440 and 320 million years ago Iowa was covered with shallow oceans; 250 million years ago coal swamps were the main feature. All of these different geological ages have left behind a great assortment of rocks, minerals and fossils. In the last couple of million years multiple glaciers covered much of the state, and as they melted they deposited tons of rocks and minerals that had been carried south in the ice. Igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary rocks of all sizes and descriptions are here to be discovered. Treasures including Lake Superior agates, banded iron formation, native copper, and even rubies and diamonds have been found in the glacial deposits of Iowa. Many very cool rocks, minerals, and fossils can be discovered in the Iowa City area; they are more than just rocks under your feet.

This program is part of ICPL's 2018 Adult Summer Reading Program