Jonah Hill, unlike the two other stars of Funny People, never performed stand-up comedy before preparing for Judd Apatow's new movie.  After doing performing stand-up on a regular basis for six months, Hill has decided to retire from stand-up because Seth Rogen was much funnier when they performed together. "I never done stand-up comedy before," Hill recently said. "When they recognize you from a movie or something you get a free five minutes when they're excited to see you. And then after that if you suck, you just suck, which I did." Most comics will say that they were bad at first, but things often get better as the comedian gets used to being in front of people and begins to figure out what works and what doesn't.  Although Hill undoubtedly had this happen, he always had to compete with Rogen to see who was funnier. "I would go with Seth a lot, who was really good because he did stand up a lot when he was younger," Hill said.  "And I don't think anything gives Seth Rogen more joy in the entire world - not the idea of love, or birds in the sky, or eternal happiness - more than him watching me tank on stage. He was the only laugh in the room at the time." Funny People comes out on July 31.
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