Giving Tree Theater

Giving Tree Theater

Giving Tree Theater Description

Great Stories, Big Heart.

Our Vision:To be the best little arts organization in the region, committed to sharing profits with local human services organizations, as we shine a refreshed spotlight on truly great stories.

We're also committed to doing it all in a small (but not too small) space with great views of the stage no matter where you are seated. ...Modest sized audiences with GIANT sized stories that evoke that knee-jerk feeling of 'I am so glad we came here to see a show!' because everythingt juuuuust right. :)

You are probably wondering 'what gives with the Giving?' in our title. Great question. We want to do things differently. A percentage of profits from each Giving Tree Theater production will be donated to a different local human services non-profit determined by the cast, crew, and production team of each show. Giving Tree wishes to combine great stories and local talent as a vehicle to make our community a better place. The ultimate goal is for art to give to the community as much as it gives to the audience. Giving Tree Theater is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization, but maintains a for-profit model, allowing it to autonomously donate funds back to the community.