Out of This World Space Exploration Workshop

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  • 1/03/24
  • 9:30 - 11 a.m.
  • $0 – $25
  • All Ages
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  • Family Friendly

Event Description

Take an interstellar journey with The Iowa Children’s Museum during this cosmic family workshop! Inspired by the groundbreaking James Webb Telescope and the intrepid Perseverance Rover, this hands-on experience invites families to delve into the marvels of space exploration.

The James Webb Telescope allows us to see how stars are formed and explore some of the oldest galaxies. The Perseverance Rover is exploring Mars and gathering samples. This workshop will explore space crafts and what they do and perform some space exploration training. Families will then take what they’ve learned and design their very own spacecraft! Tools will be used during this experience.

Registration is required. Family workshops at The Iowa Children’s Museum are pay-what-you-can. We encourage participants to select the cost they can afford or pay a little extra to support other families and future programs! Member discounts do not apply to this program.

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