Art Exhibit: Gilty Pleasures- The Gilded Girls

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  • 12/24/23
  • 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Free
  • All Ages
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  • Art

Event Description

"Gilty Pleasures: The Gilded Girls": Main Floor Exhibition

On View: November 13, 2023-January 27, 2024

The exhibit features drawings, paintings, and sculptures by Gilded Pear staff: Linda Ge, Suzy McGrane-Hop and Lauren Tucci. While the title of the exhibit references the popular TV show “The Golden Girls” the artworks on display pay little homage to the sitcom giant (though the ‘Girls’ themselves unite the artists). "Gilty Pleasures" is up for interpretation for each artist and a play on the word “Guilt”—often felt by artists who can’t get into the studio frequently, and “Gilt”—as in the use of gold, or gold leaf. This exhibition welcomes the 2nd installment of the trio showing together.

Suzy McGrane-Hop, [owner]: “I am inspired by colors in nature; it could be a spectacular sunset or storm clouds or just a muted gray sort of day. My works borrow elements inspired by abstract expressionists as well as color field artists.” Charcoal drawings and paintings on canvas from Linda Ge [gallery assistant and inventory manager] are achromatic observations of our basic anatomy echoed in nature. Lauren Tucci [gallery director] investigates our everyday interactions in the form of household décor, furniture, and other objects. Monochrome ceramic sculptures narrate interpersonal conflicts and conditions with dark humor. “The work I create personifies background characters, depicting, in a bizarre way, our human existence with one another.”