Fighting Against Fraud

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  • 4/05/24
  • 1 - 2 p.m.
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  • All Ages
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Event Description

Friday, Apr 5, 1-2 pm

Location: Hybrid (Room 302 & Zoom)

Register online or call 319-356-5220

Presenter: Ann Thompson, Iowa City Police Dept, Victim Services Coordinator

Increase your awareness of phone and internet fraud. Scammers are professionals who target all ages. Anyone can be caught off guard by an email or phone call that demands immediate attention or threatens something bad will happen if we don’t comply. Our brains go into reactive mode and we do what we’re told without stepping back and thinking through the situation. This course will share tips on how to spot a scam and provide tools to help you avoid financial loss and emotional trauma. Offered in partnership with TRAIL of Johnson County