The Universal Christ: Finding Christ in Every THING at Prairiewoods (in person)

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  • 4/03/24
  • 6:30 - 8 p.m.
  • $100
  • All Ages
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  • Educational

Event Description

Richard Rohr’s book The Universal Christ provides a new/old way to understand and embody the love of Christ in God, Self and Other. The Universal Christ book study includes six weekly meetings at Prairiewoods (120 East Boyson Road in Hiawatha). The time will be spent in group work that includes group sharing in a circle, Lectio practice and contemplative sit; pair sharing that will give individuals an opportunity to share what is true for them with one other person and to practice being an attentive listening presence to their partners; and solo reflection that allows individuals to process the content as it relates to their own lives. This book and discussion provide opportunities for self-transformation and increasing our awareness of Christ in all things—everything is sacred! As a Franciscan himself, Rohr explores our Original Goodness, and how owning this goodness leads us to a place of compassion for all the world. We will look beyond the “rules” of our church, culture and current understanding in order to see that “Everything visible, without exception, is the outpouring of God.” When we come to truly see Christ in our neighbor, animals, the environment—how we connect and care for them is transformed. Everything is sacred, everything is spiritual. Kim Novak will facilitate this six-week series, which she has been leading for the last five years. Kim completed the Center for Action and Contemplation’s Living School, studying with Richard Rohr, James Finley, Cynthia Bourgeault and others. She is in the Spiritual Direction Preparation Program to become a spiritual director. The cost is $100 for the six-week series. For more information or to register, contact Prairiewoods at or 319-395-6700.