55+ Cutting the Cable Cord

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  • 4/18/24
  • 1 - 3:30 p.m.
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  • All Ages
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Event Description

55+ Cutting the Cable Cord:  Are you tired of skyrocketing cable bills but still want to access your favorite television channels?  Join us for an enlightening session on “Cutting the Cable Cord” with Paul from Down Right Technology.
Are you wondering if you can still access channels like MeTV, PBS stations, and more after cutting the cable cord?  Bring your questions.  In this informative program, Paul will discuss alternatives to help you slash your cable expenses without sacrificing your entertainment options.  Say goodbye to exorbitant bills and hello to cost-effective solutions that cater to your viewing preferences. 

Bridge to Opportunities meets at Refugee City Church, 2100 1st Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids, directly across from Cottage Grove Place and Cottage Grove Ave.  (This is the former Four Oaks building.)  Questions: call 319-640-5357.